The Crew

Brian Daniel Founder- Emeritus professor of Communication, cofounder and director of CASE for Sustainability. Environmental activist. Climber. Surfer. Musician. I am committed to environmental action, sustainability, and the development of renewable energy resources. As part of this commitment, I work with Clean Energy Action in local efforts to move away from dependence on coal-burning power plants.

Michele Jackson Associate Director- I am an associate professor in the Department of Communication. My research addresses social and organizational issues concerning communication technology. I work across disciplines, particularly in collaboration with computer scientists and engineers. My work appears in over 40 publications in communication, computer science, organization studies, and technology studies.


Daniele Rosenthal Intern-Senior Communications Major at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I joined CASE because our dependence on foreign energy and resources not only causes problems in our current economy, but will greatly impact our entire ecosystem. In a time where we are rapidly using up the world’s natural resources, it is important to take major steps in order not to deplete our biological life source systems. I hope that we can help college students to understand how important and easy it is to minimize our carbon footprint.


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