International Earth System Expert Workshop on Ocean Stresses and Impacts Report

  • “It is clear that the traditional economic and consumer values that formerly served society well, when coupled with current rates of population increase, are not sustainable. The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, supports us and maintains our world in a habitable condition. To maintain the goods and services it has provided to humankind for millenia demands change in how we view, manage, govern and use marine ecosystems. The scale of the stresses on the ocean means that deferring action will increase costs in the future leading to even greater losses of benefits.”

2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

  • Taking analyzes run by the US Department of Agriculture and the FDA, the Environmental Working Group was able to order over 50 fruits and vegetables by how much pesticide residue they retain when taken home by consumers. To reduce the amount of pesticides that you consume, make sure to buy products that have a heavy rate of retention organic only.

2010 Green Brands Global Media Survey

  • Since 2006, the ImagePower® Green Brands Survey has analyzed consumer perceptions of green products and corporate brands. WPP companies Cohn & Wolfe, Landor Associates, and Penn Schoen Berland, in partnership with corporate environmental strategy consultancy, Esty Environmental Partners, conduct the research and analysis. The 2010 survey is the largest ever—with over 9,000 people in eight countries.

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