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Wishing Upon an Atom in a Tiny French Village

via New York Times

“France’s 58 nuclear reactors produce nearly 75 percent of the country’s electricity — the largest proportion for any nation in the world — with a total installed capacity second only to that of the United States. The nuclear industry accounts for an estimated 400,000 jobs, and France sells and builds nuclear plants abroad. The country is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity.”

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You could be a member of the CASE family!

Come work for us at CASE for sustainability!

“Use your passion to find a career…”

Gain experience working with Colorado-based sustainability oriented organizations, largely Front Range-area nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions. Use your passion to find a career, and work closely with the University of Colorado department of Communications to make a difference.

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Photo by Vincent Ellwood

We see you have found us! Welcome, to CASE for Sustainability, where we are devoted to getting you to use your energy in order to save our rapidly depleting resources.

We want to help you get involved, so we connect communication students with internships in the energy and environmental fields. We give you the opportunity to serve your community while receiving a learning experience that can shape our students’ lives.

If you are looking to get involved in anyway you can, you can check out our events tab to see whats happening in our local community. You can keep up with us by seeing what we’ve done in the past, and joining us for the next event. Or just check out our site once in a while and keep tabs on what our area is doing for the greater good of our beautiful environment we share.

Communication and Social Engagement for Sustainability brings together scholars, practitioners, and students to work to understand and implement communication strategies for a more sustainable world. Together with its partners in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, CASE serves as a source of support for outreach and education efforts. Coordinated by the University of Colorado Communication Department, the mission of CASE is to unite communication scholarship and current social and environmental problems, from climate change to diminishing reserves of natural resources, with students serving as the bridge between the two.

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