The Story of Stuff

A great introduction to sustainability issues and why they’re important.

TED: Majora Carter

In her inspiring TED talk, Greening the Ghetto, Majora Carter talks about her struggle for environmental justice in the South Bronx.  She shows how minority communities are often given the worst environmental circumstances, and what she and her community have done to make their world a greener place.

TED: Van Jones

Van Jones speaks about The Economic Injustice of Plastic, explaining how the environmental consequences of this object of convenience hit hardest the poor of the world, and how caring for the environment is caring about people, too.

TED: James Hansen

Why would a shy, Midwestern scientist protest until arrested in front of the White House?  Find out in James Hansen’s talk, Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change.  Hansen outlines the evidence regarding global warming, and why it’s imperative we get involved.

David Mitchell’s Soapbox

British comedian David Mtichell explains how, when it comes to controversy over climate change, we’ve got our logic backwards.

Bill Nye on Fox News

Bill Nye explains the science of climate change to an antagonistic interviewer on Fox News.

The Colbert Report: Heatsteria!

Colbert talks global warming in his fabulous satirical way. Heat index – what is that? And Sponge Bob is brainwashing kids that global warming is happening?? Hilarious and thought-provoking.

The Colbert Report:  Frank Luntz Commits to the Super PAC

Satire, but it explains so well the communication strategies and techniques that go into political – and often environmental policy.  And it’s very funny.

The Majestic Plastic Bag

This mockumentary narrated by Jeremy Irons follows the lifecycle of a plastic bag – from birth at the grocery store to finally reaching heaven in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Cheat Neutral

In order to mock the idea of carbon offsetting, two friends create a joke website, which claims to off-set cheating.  That is, if you want to cheat on your partner, you can pay them a small sum of money, and they will pay another person to be faithful, so that the total rate of cheating in the world doesn’t go up.  Sound absurd? That’s their point: so is carbon off-setting.


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