Internships are at the heart of the CASE for Sustainability mission, which seeks to provide Communication students with opportunities to serve their communities in the interest of environmental sustainability. CASE encourages all students to complete at least one internship during their time at CU. Our Web site offers up-to-date listings of green possibilities, including some that are earmarked specifically for Communication students interested in working on environmental issues.


Current Internships Available are…

BoulderPath Sustainability Internship
Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Education and Outreach Internship
Colorado Green Building Guild **NEW**
Eco-Cycle Inc.
International Mountain Bicycling Association
MM Local


To qualify for academic credit, Communication majors must:

  • Have completed 72 hours of coursework, including 18 hours in Communication.
  • Have a 2.5 grade point average or higher.
  • Be sponsored by a faculty member
  • Eligible for internship credits (ask your adviser if you are unsure)
  • Seek out an internship that relates to your course of study

As an intern, you will receive one academic hour for every 40 hours worked. You can receive academic credit regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid.

For more information about how to earn academic credit for completing an internship, click here.

If you have any internships you would like us to post for our students, email us!


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