Get Involved

Your involvement is crucial to CASE’s success.

CASE brings together scholars, practitioners, and students to work to understand and implement communication strategies for a more sustainable world. To achieve our mission, we need people like you to get involved.


CASE is about students actively working toward sustainability. We work with programs, organizations, and businesses to create internships, volunteer and research opportunities, and competitive fellowships that give you substantial and practical experience.


CASE develops resources for Communication faculty like you who seek to incorporate a sustainability focus into your courses, with an eye toward helping prepare students for a future in which environmental challenges figure centrally in community decisions and national policy. Connect with local experts, who can speak to your classes and attend informal coffee dates or group lunches. Learn about research, volunteer, and internship opportunities for your students. Discover resources, from local events and outreach efforts to sustainability oriented conferences and new environmental communication textbooks and articles.


Working with organizations offers students the chance to transform classroom knowledge into lived experiences. CASE brings together instructors and students with interested organizations like yours to provide young people with real-world skill application and development and opens the door for organizations to tap a deep talent pool of passionate, bright, and energetic interns, volunteers, and future employees.


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