Graduate School Programs

Michigan State University
MA and Ph.D – The Knight Center for Environmental Journalism

The program offers numerous classes and professional workshops  for the study and practice of environmental journalism. Faculty conduct research and attract environmental experts and journalists from around the world as guest lecturers. Previous graduates go on to jobs at some of the most competitive media outlets, including National Geographic Magazine, the New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News.
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Cornell University
Ph.D in Communication, Environment, Science and Health

Students focusing in CESH will investigate how communication influences public understanding of science, health, environmental, and risk-related issues. While exploring conceptual and theoretical issues, students will learn specific skills for communicating science, health, environmental, and risk information to a variety of audiences. Possible career paths include public information officer, science writer, environmental educator/outreach specialist, environmental or health-risk communicator, and business, legal and other graduate study.
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Rutgers University
MS and Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences

Within the major in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior, this option focuses on the communication aspects of environmental and health issues with a specific focus on practical tools for social change and public participation in science and policy-making processes. Environmental Communication course which is skills based, having audience engage, develop strategies by thinking through goals, audience, message; writing in different formats – i.e. press release, memos; Service learning, and a pod-casting course. English and web design are strong skills courses that are recommended.
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Royal Roads University
MA in Environmental Education and Communication

This leadership program focuses on developing the competency and skill of educators and communicators who have an interest in, or a responsibility for, presenting environmental information to audiences. Learners typically will be engaged in occupations ranging from teachers, educators and journalists to communication professionals, public relations specialists, government policy analysts and non-governmental organization program developers.
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Rochester Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Sustainability

“This broadly defined multidisciplinary program is designed for students who are driven to become sustainability change agents within organizations world wide, including industry (executive management, product development, manufacturing & remanufacturing, supply chain management, and service), executive and legislative branches of government, nongovernmental agencies, academic institutions, professional associations, financial and investment communities, the indemnification industry, and legal profession.
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Northern Arizona University
MA in Sustainable Communities

“The program effectively integrates contemporary issues that are pertinent to today’s society and environment. It’s easy to see that it has become a model for every MLS program in the US, Canada, and other regions where graduate liberal studies are developed.”—Dr. Richard Guzman, past President, Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs
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School of International Service -American University
MA in Sustainable Development

“The M.A. program in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development is a dual-degree program. Students study at American University, where they earn an M.A. in International Affairs, and the United Nations-affiliated University for Peace in Costa Rica, where they earn an M.A. in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. It is the first graduate degree program in which students can learn about environmental and development policies from the perspectives of both the South and North.”
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Saybrook University -Graduate School of Psychology and Humanistic Studies
MA and Ph.D in Sustainable Systems

“Our specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems brings a unique focus on the human dimensions of sustainability.  It puts the human experience and the practice of engaged collaborative leadership at the center of questions of resilience and regeneration for a viable future.”
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Ramapoe College of New Jersey
MA in Sustainability Studies

“Contemporary ecological and societal crises present unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Driven by increases in human population and per capita consumption of resources, and shaped by the consequent contamination and degradation of the natural and built environments, our current path is clearly unsustainable. An integrative approach is required if we are to create new options for a sustainable future. The environmental challenges of the 21st century require individuals who understand environmental and scientific complexities and can implement a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental problem-solving at local, regional and global scales.”
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Hawaii Pacific University
MA Global Leadership and Sustainable Development

“The Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development is designed to prepare students to lead change initiatives in a globalizing world which is increasingly characterized by chaos, complexity, and change. Students learn to simultaneously search for the underlying causes of global environmental, economic and social problems, and at the same time learn how to design and lead responses that produce sustainable outcomes for the current and future generations.”
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