Scavenge for Info on our Website to Win!

Get the most points by finding the most information. There will be a first place, second place, and third place winner. Prizes will include gift certificates to some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in town!

Simply email your answers to Contest ends May 5th.

Scavenger Hunt Questions:

  1. What does CASE stand for? (1 pt.)
  2. What are our goals? (2 pts.)
  3. What association can integrate your passion for mountain biking with sustainability? (3 pts.)
  4. What past event encouraged Boulderites to explore organizations that get their food from nearby? (1 pt.)
  5. Which Boulder farm to table restaurant goes well with pepper? (3 pts.)
  6. What past event promoted commuting via bike? (1 pt.)
  7. What does of the month are recyclables collected on Pennsylvania Avenue in April? (5 pts.)
  8. At what graduate school can you get an education that will give you a dual degree in International Affairs and National Resources & Sustainable Development? (2 pts.)
  9. Which tab would you need to go to in order to apply for a Part Time Job at CASE? (1 pt.)
  10. Where would you find surveys and impact reports? (1 pt.)
  11. According to Stephen Colbert’s interview with Frank Luntz, what does “the simple truth” mean? (3 pts.)
  12. How does Majora Carter define “environmental justice”? (4 pts.)
  13. What is a “cool roof”, according to Majora Carter? How can they be used instead of petroleum based roofing materials? (6 pts.)
  14. What is the triple bottom line that sustainable development can produce? (5 pts.)

Good Luck!

-CASE Staff

*We reserve the right to add more questions. If more questions are added you have already submitted your answers, we will notify you through e-mail.
*Only one entry allotted per person.


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