About Us

CASE Is Communication and Social Engagement

We start with two premises:

  • 21st century environmental challenges will be increasingly complex and difficult, and the best resources for meeting those challenges are the energetic people coming out of our universities.
  • In our future, environmental challenges will play a central role in community decisions and national policy. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities that will prepare them to engage these challenges.

CASE identifies and provides Communication students at the University of Colorado opportunities to serve their communities in the interest of environmental sustainability. Our aim is to integrate service with learning experiences that will shape our students’ lives.

Communication and Social Engagement for Sustainability brings together scholars, practitioners, and students to work to understand and implement communication strategies for a more sustainable world. Together with its partners in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, CASE serves as a source of support for outreach and education efforts. Coordinated by the University of Colorado Communication Department, the mission of CASE is to unite communication scholarship and current social and environmental problems, from climate change to diminishing reserves of natural resources, with students serving as the bridge between the two.

How does one communicate a need for sustainability?

CASE for Sustainability believes CU students, faculty, and the greater university and Boulder community should be a part of answering that question. Current means for communicating the urgency to change how we live and work are not enough. We need new strategies for developing innovative solutions, collaborating and expanding participation, making wiser choices, and resolving conflicts.

By supporting teaching and learning, promoting and supporting environmental communication research, and mobilizing Communication students to put their skills to work, CASE hopes to create a stronger, smarter, and more sustainable tomorrow.


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